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Proper exercise: what exercises can and should be done in the morning
Modern people spend too little time on physical activity. This threatens not only weight gain,
Neck exercises
Neck gymnastics by Dr. Shishonin without music (3 videos)
06/01/2018 Olga Migunova Shishonin neck gymnastics - a set of exercises designed to train the neck
yellow bananas on red scales
Bananas: their health benefits and harms, nutrients
The recognizable aromatic fruit, which can be found in any supermarket or market, comes from
Slow carbohydrates for weight loss: food table
What are simple (fast) carbohydrates? Table and list of products By “fast” we mean simple carbohydrates,
What is gluten and how can it harm human health?
Recently, fashion magazines and television advertisements have been actively promoting a gluten-free diet. On
What is a healthy lifestyle - a healthy lifestyle and its components
Advice on “how to maintain a healthy lifestyle” is becoming an increasingly popular request on Internet search engines. Hardly
The benefits and harms of fish oil
Why is fish oil good for you and when is it bad for you?
What is the difference between fish oil and omega-3? Fish oil and omega-3 are often confused, and sometimes
Instructions for using L-carnitine for weight loss
Instructions for using L-carnitine for weight loss
L-carnitine is an amino acid that is popular both in dietetics and sports nutrition, and
Kegel Exercises: Glute Bridge
Wumbuilding: exercises at home. How to strengthen your vaginal muscles
What is wumbling? Vumbuilding is a workout aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles. Simply put,
body mass index
How to quickly and accurately calculate your correct weight
What is BMI? BMI - body mass index (from English BMI - Body Mass
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